Speedy Glass

“We didn’t have the time and personnel to review and find cost reductions, even though cost savings was a huge thing.  Netstar’s cost reduction audit saved us 20% the first year. I knew there were savings to be found, but I was surprised by how much Netstar saved us and how thorough they were. That money was put back into the day to day operations of the company.

We can rely on Netstar because they have expertise in the industry…relationships with the carriers built on years of experience that we can’t duplicate.  Netstar covers all the angles and we have a great experience with their team because they deal with the day to day issues.

An especially important part of working with Netstar is that I can rely on them to manage all issues.  Every time we’ve had to make a change, our Netstar associate has taken over right from the start.  She knows all the specifics – what questions to ask and what needs to be done. 

I’m confident that Netstar is providing us with the best solutions possible.  I am very loyal to Netstar!

The bottom line is that when we need something, I know Netstar will get it done.  I’m very happy with our relationship.”


Rob Ponis

IT Manager, Speedy Glass