Selland Auto Transport

“When Netstar said we could save thousands per year, we listened. We had worked with auditors before, but Netstar made a huge difference, saving us an astounding 56% per year and decreasing the number of invoices in half! 

Consolidating bills was a primary concern for us.  We also faced restrictions from government owned ports due to 9-11, making it difficult to get into the facilities.  Netstar smoothed the way and even found a solution to a wiring problem that a previous company had “jury-built” for us. 

We were shocked to realize that we had been paying so much more than we needed and that savings has been transferred to our employees in bonuses and incentives.  Naturally, our daily operations were impacted in a very positive way.  And finally, the Netstar staff is wonderful and available 24/7, even helping me on weekends.”


Betty Kuhnau

Office Manager, Selland Auto Transport