Puget Sound Pipe & Supply

“Great references from other customers enticed me to try Netstar to determine the carrier with the best technology at the best price.  Netstar’s expertise saved us $72,600 the first year.  We had previously employed consultants to examine services every 3 to 4 years, but Netstar didn’t just do a cost analysis. They also managed the changes, putting together an end-to-end package for us.

Netstar handles any questions we have; they manage our current services and even monitor benefit analyses of any new technologies.  They make recommendations about our network engineering. Recently, they engineered and managed a new network for transferring data between our home office and our branches.  For the same price, they dramatically increased our bandwidth and even added a security solution.  Their inclusive package is well worth the price.

Initially we were shocked because Netstar had integrity and actually did what they said they were going to do!  If something wasn’t right, they fixed it.  And finally, they explained to me, a lay person, what the options were and how they worked, enabling us to make the right choices.”

Steve Lewis

CFO, Puget Sound Pipe and Supply