Enumclaw Insurance Group

“I was originally told to contact Netstar by our carrier’s representative, for help reading through the contracts and dealing with all the details of a new service.  I figured Netstar must have been doing something right if the carriers were even recommending that their customers work with them!  At the time we were negotiating a new contract and we had our mind set on a certain carrier.

Netstar helped us find lower prices for outbound LD and toll free numbers.  Then we started designing and engineering data networks, but when Netstar showed us different options with different carriers, the best carrier to work with was not who we thought it might be.  Netstar read the fine print in the contracts and understood everything better than we did.  So we knew exactly what we were getting and what to expect. 

The best thing for us is Netstar got prices that were much cheaper than what we were paying before. I’m always surprised when I think I’m getting a good deal and Netstar says they can get me a better deal. It’s just amazing how they can always save me money. 

Now Netstar manages all our services.  I know if something breaks, I can call them, tell them what’s going on and they’ll fix it.  They know exactly who to call and that means I don’t have to be stuck on hold with the carrier’s customer service.  It’s incredible because they can get to the right people before I ever could!  Netstar is a one stop shop.  A couple of other companies have approached us but I always tell them I’m very happy working with Netstar.”


Carol Pierce

Telecom Administrator, Enumclaw Insurance Group