“When the working relationship with our previous carrier deteriorated, Netstar was recommended by one of my vendors.  Netstar not only found the best carrier to address our cost concerns, they also engineered solutions for other needs.

Netstar consolidated and made sense of the whole process.  They got pricing in order for us and made implementation easy by taking care of everything and I didn’t have to worry about any administrative stuff.  The best part wasn’t what I had to do differently; it’s what I didn’t have to do at all.  And once everything was completed, my Netstar account manager gave me the complete picture of our services. I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the whole process went.

Without Netstar’s help, I could have gotten what we needed, but Netstar brought the right people together and avoided a lot of additional work to get the results desired.

I think of Netstar as “the guys we have in our back pocket” so that if things don’t go well, I can call them and get it taken care of.

Netstar was highly recommended to me because of an established level of trust with other companies. In the future, I won’t even consider changing services or calling on any vendors without engaging Netstar first.” 


Drew Sanders

IT Manager, AllpakTrojan