Selland Auto Transport

Netstar Addressed Unique Requirements and Achieved Impressive Cost Reductions

Selland Auto Transport

Selland Auto Transport is an industry leader, providing on-time and damage-free vehicle transportation. Founded in 1967, Selland has grown to operate a fleet of 225 trucks and trailers from 9 locations. Such rapid growth, combined with dedication to providing customers with the best service requires extensive internet and voice capabilities.

Furthermore, Selland works directly with ports and terminals which are government owned and have strict regulations resulting from 9-11 to improve site security. Because of this, it was difficult to find vendors capable of working within the parameters of those facilities.

When Netstar approached Selland they were intrigued by the possibility of cutting costs and consolidating their telecom bill. Although they thought they had control over their telecom expenses, and they had hired auditors in the past, Selland was open to having an independent expert opinion. As a condition, Selland's preference was to stay with their current carriers.

Netstar Solution

During the Cost Reduction, Netstar accomplished the following:

  • Consolidated the number of carriers
  • Eliminated redundant services
  • Dramatically reduced Long Distance rates
  • Decreased invoices from 16 to 9
  • Coordinated proper personnel and permits to obtain port access to install services and troubleshoot
  • Presented Selland with two options
    • Cost savings with their current carrier
    • Possible savings with another carrier
  • Facilitated Selland's choice to move carriers
  • Implemented all changes

Selland Auto Transport Benefits

Netstar presented a carrier that met the needs of Selland's multiple locations, saving the company $66,933.08 (56% of their telecom expense) the first year. Despite their original hesitation, Selland decided to switch carriers at most of their locations, greatly simplify their network and billing. The savings Netstar found allowed Selland to reinvest in their employees in the form of benefits and incentives. In addition, the improved infrastucture enhanced network performance and daily operations of the company in all of their locations.