Netstar's Expertise Fulfilled AllpakTrojan's Need for a Responsive Provider


AllpakTrojan offers its clients a total package: they combine knowledge and creativity to design and manufacture award-winning print, packaging and displays. Because of their success, demand increased, creating a need for more bandwidth. Experiencing downgraded service and a lack of support from their carrier, AllpakTrojan sought a proactive and responsive provider.

Drew Sanders, IT Manager, was examining different carrier options and found that they were unable to build fiber to his location. Then he was referred to Netstar. At first, Drew was skeptical of the tier 1 carrier Netstar recommended. Their main concern was that the carrier under consideration only sent fiber engineers to facilities after a contract was signed.

Netstar Solution

To ease the risk of imlementing a new fiber network, Netstar:

  • Recommended using a tier 1 carrier who could build fiber to Allpak Trojan's headquarters for high speed internet.
  • Approached this challenging situation with careful research and coordinated special allowances for AllpakTrojan.
  • Leveraged their relationship with the carrier to send an engineer on-site to pre-qualify the service allowing AllpakTrojan to sign the contract with confidence.

AllpakTrojan Benefits

AllpakTrojan was pleasantly surprised by the positive results of working with the new carrier. The internet service and the continued support from Netstar provided the bullet proof solution they sought. AllpakTrojan now accesses 4 times the bandwidth with only a slight increase in monthly cost. They are also relieved of the administrative work associated with implementing new services. Finally, as a neutral party, Netstar is a partner that AllpakTrojan can trust.