Our Team

Tony Cheng, President and CEO

Tony Cheng

At the age of eight, Tony was selling a weekly Catholic newspaper at his home church in Malaysia.  Now Tony is selling something a little different – solutions for companies’ cellular and telecom needs.  Tony is relentless in his pursuit of the ultimate experience for Netstar’s customers.  And when he’s not drawing on his white board at the office he’s either traveling the world with his wife, Mary Pat, striving to play consistent bogey golf, or at a local restaurant – all of whom undoubtedly know him by name.

tony.cheng@netstarinc.com | 425.865.9811

Mary Pat Theiler-Cheng, Vice President

Mary Pat Theiler-Cheng

When Mary Pat was nine years old she lost her parents and four siblings at a street fair in Montana.  Per her father’s instructions about getting lost she stood in exactly one spot while she devised a plan to take care of herself and rent a hotel room for the night.  Just then her parents spotted her; end of adventure.  But Mary Pat did learn to heed the wisdom of others when she’s in a bind and that sometimes it is better to stay put then move around aimlessly.  She continually draws on these lessons as she oversees the operational and financial areas of Netstar’s business.  And in her spare time Mary Pat still enjoys standing still in half moon pose at Bikram Yoga.

mp@netstarinc.com | 425.865.9811

Customer Service Team

Netstar’s support staff is comprised of talented employees who have a range of backgrounds.  They bring experience from a variety of telecom carriers.  All our employees are dedicated to customer service and thrive on helping you get exactly what you need!

info@netstarinc.com | 425.865.9811

Sales & Marketing Team

Netstar’s sales and marketing team is dedicated to assessing the changing needs of customers and adjusting the service offerings to meet those needs.

info@netstarinc.com | 425.865.9811