Getting Through It: Netstar Polices Cell Phone Bills

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“The name of the game in corporate board rooms these days is cutting costs.

Tony Cheng compares Netstar Communications, a Bellevue company, with a traffic cop. “Basically we work with large and small companies slashing telecom and cellular expenses.”

Cheng founded Netstar a decade ago in his garage and now the small company is up to eleven employees after doubling its staff in 2008. “In this economy we feel really blessed that we are able to grow, to hire, and hopefully to take on some of the unemployed people.” Netstar is looking to fill another six to eight positions.

Business is booming thanks to companies trying to cut costs. “We look for sales tax that have been mis-billed by the carrier. We look for a lot of redundant fees that they’re being charged.”

And Netstar’s business model is appealing. It doesn’t charge any up front fees, only if it can save a company money. “I would say that if you take a hundred customers that allow us to look through their bills that contracted our service, we’ll probably engage 98 of them,” said Cheng.

He says they’re hearing from more Fortune 500 companies, but also small businesses where $100 a month can make a big difference. “I would say the average cost savings is probably anywhere from about 20 to 35 percent.”

One thing about running a successful small business: not much free time. “My mom, who is 85 years old, constantly bugs me and says, ‘Tony, you have to go and exercise.””

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