Company Overview

Netstar, Inc. was founded in Bellevue, WA in 1999 after its founder, Tony Cheng, realized his goals no longer aligned with those of the mega-sized carrier he worked for. While Tony's priority was, and continues to be, to provide his customers with the best possible service, the carrier's main objective was the sale of products and services.

Tony launched Netstar as an independent telecom services broker.  He committed to reducing his customer’s costs and securing services that nurtured growth and supported profitability.  And as his vision of a customer-centric company grew, so did his specialized team.

In 2001, changes in the telecom industry brought about an evolution in the way Netstar did business. And thus, with the goal of helping his customers adjust, Tony launched Netstar’s current business model, complete with its new service offerings: Cloud ServicesService Procurement, Telecom Management and Cost Reduction.

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